Transplanting plants from a termite zone


Hi there. I live in Toronto east beach district. In 3 weeks I am moving to northern Ontario. The beach is a termite zone. I would like to take a few plants from my garden with me particularly my dads rhubarb. There’s also a couple of hosts and ferns, Solomon’s seal. Is there a way to safely do this? Could I wash the roots well and transplant. I know that’s a bit dangerous and may not grow. But taking a few of my favs with me would be such a blessing. Any help would be great. Thanks. Aeriol Nicols.



Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners regarding moving garden plants from a termite zone to northern Ontario.

From your query, it appears that you are aware of the risk of introducing termites into a new area. Having nurtured these plants, your feelings around this, especially with regards to your “dad’s rhubarb”, is very understandable. Our expertise as Toronto Master Gardeners is in relation to gardening. We are unable to advise on the control of serious pests. However, in addition to referring to a number of sources, I have called a well-known pest control company in your area about your query. Their answer was the same as all other resources, i.e. not to transplant plants from a termite zone into a new area (this includes wood, pots, soil, etc.). For more information, the City of Guelph has an extensive or refer to your local pest control agency.

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Wishing you the best on your move and the enjoyment of giving a home for new plants up north.