Tree buyer?


Hi there, we planted this shademaster honeylocust in the fall of last year but I think it’s just going to be too big for our year and too close to our pool (you can see the overdig of the pool installation.) Would you know where we could find someone who would be willing to take this beautiful tree? I am going to try to post on kijiji but figured you may have resources too. Thanks!


The Shademaster Honeylocust ( Gleditsia triacanthos ‘Shademaster’ ) is a beautiful tree which is valued for its delicate fern like leaves which turn a brillant yellow in the fall and casts dappled shade below. The Shademaster honey locust grows to a mature height of 12.19m with a spread of of 13.72m. Not only is the tree located too close to your itended pool but the tiny leaves will clog up the pool filter and the tree will definitely cast quite a bit of ¬†shade over the pool.

Have you tried contacting the local schools in your area to see if they might be interested? Or how about advertising at the local Horticultural Societies in your area?

Good Luck in finding a new home for your tree.