Tree identification requested


Can you help in identifying several trees growing on our road. I’ve walked this road for over 30 years and only recently noticed it while the white/greenish fruit-like was on it earlier. It now has a roundish green/blush berry or fruit on it. See pictures. Thanks so much for your time.


You don’t say where you live, but the word ‘road’ suggests that it might not be in a city. The picture you provided has reminded us of a previous inquiry from Timmins, in which we identified the tree as either a wild or American Plum (Prunus americana) or a Canada Plum (Prunus nigra), both of which are natives. The fruit in the image appeared to be afflicted with a fungal disease, as does the fruit in yours. Have a look at our previous answer here and do let us know if you think this is the same plant and situation.