Tree identification


Could you identify these two small trees which have popped up in my back yard?
If there are a type or ornamental fruit tree, I would like to transplant one to a better location (I’m assuming that autumn would be the best time for this?)
PS-looks as though I’ll have to send the photos separately, can’t seem to attach 2? Many thx in advance!!imageimage



What lovely and colourful volunteers you have in your garden.

The reddish-purple foliage appears to be a Purple Smokebush Cotinus coggyrigia,  the leaves of which have a matte surface. If allowed to grow, it will produce a cloud of ‘smoke’ in late summer. However, if you enjoy the larger and fresher juvenile foliage, as well as a smaller size, the shrub can be coppiced or cut down to about 6 inches each spring. It is an undemanding shrub adding rich colour to the garden.

The glaucous or blue-gray leafed specimen is difficult to identify. I cannot discern if the leaves have a serrated edge, the vein pattern, or if they appear opposite or alternate on the branch, all helpful identifiers. The surface purplish hue coupled with the burgundy veins on the underside, and the pointed elliptical shape suggests a shrub in the Prunus family. A possibility is Prunus virginiana ‘Schubert’ which has the interesting characteristic of starting out in Spring with green foliage that gradually becomes purple as the seasons progress, white blossoms and abundant dark red fruit that birds love.

Autumn is an ideal time to move shrubs: the weather is cooling while the soil remains warm, and autumn rains keep the ground moist. If rain is infrequent it would be wise to keep the transplants watered well to help the roots establish before the cold weather sets in.The attractive foliage of each will add interest and contrast to your garden.