tree in Victoria BC.


We saw this tree in Victoria. It is across the street from the government building and there were 5 of them planted. We did ask some City Gardeners, but they did not know. We were there in May and they were in bloom. What are they? Hopefully these pic went through. Please let me know if you did not receive them. Thank you.



The tree in question is Davidia involucrata ( Dove Tree or Handkerchief Tree). Davidia is a medium sized ( 20-40 feet) deciduous tree  native to China. Small pom-pom like blooms appear in mid spring and are surrounded by two asymmetrical white bracts which can be  up to 30 cm long.  Unfortunately, this beautiful tree is not hardy to grow in Ontartio it’s hardiness zone is 6-8 but is well suited to Victoria.