Tree- Plant ID


Please let me know what kind of tree it is?


Hello, thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners for help identifying this tree.  It is very difficult to make a definite identification.  One needs to look at several characteristics throughout the growing season to be sure, such as the bark, leaf buds, keys (samara) and fall colour.  Your photo suggests a Maple leaf shape, but it has rounded lobes (different from other typical Maples) so this leads me to believe it is a Hedge or Field Maple Acer Campestre.  This is a small sized Maple, often suggested for smaller parks and urban gardens.  It has a short trunk and a tidy rounded shape.  Because of its multi-stemmed habit it resembles a large shrub rather than a tree, hence its common name: Hedge Maple.  Acer Campestre is a tough tree, and is tolerant of many difficult conditions such as pollution, salt and drought.  I am surprised we don’t see more of them around.  To confirm this identification look out for a deeply furrowed bark (in mature trees), bright yellow fall colour, and its distinctive keys (Samara).  I have included links that contain good photographs of these Samara as well as more information about this tree.