Tree Removal Process


What is the permit process required to remove a dying tree from my backyard?  Will the City plant a laburnum in my front yard at no cost?


The City of Toronto is dedicated to protecting trees on both public and private land.  Permits are required to remove any tree with a diameter equal to or greater than 30 cm (12 inches) measured at chest height.  An arborist report along with a plan for replacing the tree must accompany the application.   The fee is $100.  The application is submitted to the Urban Forestry department and processing takes about 6 weeks.  A permit is not required for trees that are dead, terminally diseased or imminently hazardous but a detailed arborist report must still be sent and approved by Urban Forestry before proceeding.

If there is a city-owned street allowance at the front of your property, you may be able to get a free tree which Urban Forestry Services will plant.  The city provides a list of 34 tress that home owners can select from.  These trees are all medium-sized shade trees that will add to the city’s tree canopy.  Laburnum is not on their list – possibly because it’s considered a short lived tree.  Check out the City’s pamphlet at the link below for information on requesting a tree and the complete list of the species available.

Trees on Private Property,-forestry-and-recreation/urban-forestry/permits-removing-or-injuring-trees-on-private-property-private-tree-bylaw.html