Tree replacement on City property.


The City of Toronto will be removing a problematic Norway Maple in front of our house (large and dangerous falling limbs on a fairly regular basis). I would like the City to plant a Sugar Maple in its place. The soil on Summerhill Ave is a mix of clay and some sand as far as I can tell, and its exposure is full south and west. Is this a species you would recommend? (FYI: the City would like to plant a Honey Locust but I can’t stand the smell! As an alternative they may choose a Kentucky Coffee)


Sugar maples ( Acer saccharum) are ideal for use as a shade tree. They do best in deep, rich,well-drained slightly acidic soil in full sun or part-shade. Sugar maple trees are not commonly planted as a street tree due to its intolerance of heat, pollution and road salt.

Kentucky Coffee Tree (Gymnocladus dioicus)  has interesting bark and grows with an open canopy allowing light to penetrate to the ground for adequate turf growth beneath the canopy. This tree is  adaptable to many types of soils ,is resistant to road salt and is not prone to disease.

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