Trees that are exclusive to ontario only


Hi there!
I am wondering if you know of any trees that grow in Ontario only, I am asking this because I am considering starting a business that sells trees that only grow in Ontario or Canada.
Help ASAP would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much,


As Ontario, and all of Canada, are comprised of geographic and climatic zones that are not determined by the political boundaries I expect that there are no trees that grow only in Ontario, or Canada. Depending on the particular part of Ontario, or Canada, you could expect to find similar trees in the New England states, upper Michigan, the midwestern states or the states in the Pacific northwest.  So, while it is doubtful there could you grown trees that are only found in Canada, you could focus on trees that are natives to Canada.  For assistance in in determining which trees to specialize in, I suggest checking guides to native trees, which could tell you which trees are indigenous to Ontario, as there are many trees that will grow in BC that are not hardy in Ontario.  As the library at Toronto Botanical Garden has a very broad selection of books relating to all aspects of horticulture and gardening, that would be a good place to start.