Trees which can still be planted now


I would like to purchase a tree for my daughter for her new house, is it too late to plant now?   If it’s not too late, what is available please?


Trees can generally be planted as long as the ground can be worked and is not frozen.  With the recent colder temperatures, it is probably a little late this year but, if the weather warms up in the next couple of weeks and you can still dig a good sized hole, you might be able to plant a container grown tree.  You should call or visit a local nursery to determine what trees are still available.   Local nurseries will also offer a warranty on your purchase.

If you do end up planting this year, water the tree in well until the ground freezes to ensure that roots are able to access as much moisture as possible.  Also, remember that when viewing plants in nurseries at this time of year, it is difficult to determine the overall health and form of a given plant due to the fact that leaves have already dropped.

If you decide to wait until spring, you will find a greater variety of trees available and you will also be able to assess their vigour and form.

There are lots of wonderful choices of trees to plant, from Japanese maples & other ornamental trees, to native trees & shrubs with beautiful fall colour and also, conifers & evergreens that add winter interest.  Choice of tree will  depend on your preference, property soil type, size of lot and exposure.  You may also want to explore the types of trees that are successfully growing in your daughter’s neighbourhood.

Without knowing the size, location or soil type on your daughter’s property, it is difficult to recommend anything specific.  There is an excellent reference article that can be found on line that Canadian Gardening published on how to pick the best tree for your yard which can help you decide.

The LEAF (local enhancement and appreciation of forests) Backyard Tree Planting Program offers native trees and shrubs to homeowners at a subsidized cost.  Trained arborists will help guide you about the location in your backyard and the type of tree that best suits the property.  Again, see link below:

You may also want to review the Toronto Master Gardener: Gardening Guide on Planting A Tree factsheet see link below to our website: