I would like to know the types of trees which allow sun to come through and have leaves that fall off (naturally)early in the fall.
I would like to plant trees this fall.


Purchasing a tree for your yard is a fabulous addition but requires some consideration. While you have suggested that you would like a deciduous tree with an airy canopy, there are several other things that should influence your selection.


How big should the tree get? How much room do you have for the mature tree? Should it be narrow or widely arching?


Are you looking for a quick growing tree or something that will last for generations? Trees can often take decades to reach mature heights.


While you have suggested that you would like the sun to shine through the foliage, what are the sun conditions in the yard? Full sun? Partial sun?


What are your soil and water conditions like? Will it experience periods of drought? Do you have an irrigation system? Does your yard drain well or collect water in some areas? Are the soil conditions clay, silt, sand or loam?


All of things should be taken in to consideration before you decide on your ideal tree, and make the investment.


Once these things have been considered, here are some great tree guide resources: