Tri-colour beech and chanticleer pear issues



Almost two months ago (June 2015), I had a few trees planted and although they looked great for about a month, I started noticing some issues.

Tri-colour beech – when it was planted, the leaves were a vibrant purple with pink borders. Now they are somewhat brown, with a little pink still on them. More importantly, I noticed some fuzzy white stuff on some leaves as well as a lacey look to some (insects?). I have attached a picture.

Chanticleer pear – Again, when it was planted, it looked great and it still does, but I noticed some black spots on the leaves.

Can anyone please help diagnose this? What should my next steps be?

I just realized that I can only attach one picture, so I opted to attach the picture of the white fuzzy stuff on the beech.

Tri-colour beech 3


Sorry to hear about your Tri-Colour Beech and your Chanticleer pear tree. I suspect that your beech is suffering from an infestation of Wooly aphids and your pear is suffering from Pear trellis rust.

I am including links below to previously posed questions to us which are similar to yours. These postings give informaton as well as additional websites with vital information on how to deal with this disease and pest.

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