Triple Mix for hellebores


Is “triple mix” sufficiently alkaline for Hellebores?
I purchased two at TBG’s plant sale following the cancellation of Canada Blooms and want to make sure I plant them in the best possible soil conditions.


Triple mix is a mixture of three equal parts of topsoil, peat, and compost. It is commercially sold as a means to amend a variety of poor soil conditions and is generally used for establishing or maintaining lawns and gardens. Hellebores grow best in soil that is rich with organic matter and well-draining. So triple mix should be fine as long as the area where you plant your hellebores is well-draining. To be sure the soil is rich with organic matter you should also mulch your hellebores annually with well-rotted compost or manure, and cut back the old leaves as flowers and new foliage appear. For more in-depth information on growing hellebores see the following websites: