Tropical plant leaf turning yellow and dies


I have a tropical plant which was beautiful and green but it’s leaves are turning yellow with spots and then dries out.
I have been removing the dead leaves but this now increasing.
What can be done?
Attaching a picture


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.

From your photo it appears that you plant is a type of yucca. More than 20 species of Yucca exist and they grow on canes, or large woody stems. Their leaves vary in colour from green to bluish to variegation of cream, yello or white depending on the cultivar.

We receive numerous posts regarding the yellowing of leaves on a houseplant the following is from one of our archived posts:

There are a number of reasons why the lower leaves of your Yucca plant might be turning yellow. Yuccas thrive in extreme neglect. One of the main reasons that the leaves of a yucca plant turn yellow is too much water. If you water the plant regularly or have it planted in soil that does not drain freely, the roots begin to rot leading to yellowing leaves. For best results, Yuccas should be planted in sandy soil. Planting your Yucca plant in a smaller pot is anothe way of keeping moisture to a minimum. Larger pots retain a lot of moisture and it takes a long time for the soil to dry out between waterings. In order to ensure you are not overwatering, wait until the soil is completely dry 5 cm below the soil surface before watering.

Another reason for yellow leaves is poor sunlight. Have you recently moved your plant to a new location? Yuccas thrive in full direct sun, south facing windows are best.

Pests, such as spider mites can cause discoloured leaves. Check for spider webs amongst the leaves. Wiping down the leaves with a damp cloth every two or three days removes the mites, or you can try placing your plant in the shower and giving it a gentle spray with water.

Lastly, the lower leaves of a yucca plant naturally turn yellow with age and fall off. Simply pull off the yellowing lower leaves.

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Good Luck with your Yucca