Trumpet vine die back


I live in central Toronto (Bloor-Dufferin) and I have a 20 year-old yellow trumpet vine on an arbour with a beautiful solid trunk. It leafs and flowers late, but this year there is no sign of life yet. Most branches I slice are dry and brown while some show a faint green layer. Could it have died because of the cold winter? For the first time in my 23 years in this house it rained before the ground ice melted and there were standing pools for a week or more. Thanks for your advice.


Trumpet vine (Campsis radicans) is a beautiful vine that grows quickly. Some experts suggest cutting it back every spring to control growth.  This vine is hardy to zone 5, so this colder than normal winter should not have had an adverse effect. However, they do not like wet conditions; standing in pools of water may be what has caused the problems this year. Remember that this year, we are a bit behind in terms of ‘normal’ plant development, so there still may be hope.

I hope it will survive this year.  Good luck