How to Forward a Picture to You?


I was told, by reception, to send my picture of a little flowering vine I came across to However when I type that addres in it comes up as an “Invalid Address”. Could you please send me an email address I can use to send you a picture of a strange little vine I have found here in Chatham ON.


How lovely to have found a little flowering vine!  Your email did indeed get to us.  I would use the same address to send your picture.  Here is the address again.

Once you have clicked on the address above, at the very top of the green border, second from the right is Contact Us.  Click on that.  Once you are in Contact Us, about a third of the way down in the white part, the third sentence reads, “Post the question to our website, click here.”  Press on the click here.

Once you have done that, there is a subject area where you would put flowering vine, another area for your question, a third area for your email address.  Below the request for your email there is a space to attach a photograph.  Your picture will have to be in a file and you will have to download the file.

We look forward  to seeing the photo and helping you to identify the little flowering vine.

With all good wishes for the holiday season.