Tuberous begonias


I have several tuberous begonias which I planted in my patio containers early this spring. They have done so beautifully that I would like to try to save the tubers over the winter. Can you tell me how I can do this?


Thank you for your inquiry. We have had other inquiries about saving your begonias that you have enjoyed over the summer.

Here’s what the TMG suggests:

“Your begonias can be dug up in fall once the foliage has faded or just after the first light frost. Spread the begonia clumps on newspaper and leave them in a sunny spot for about a week until they are completely dry. Cut off any remaining foliage and gently shake off any soil still clinging to the tubers. To prevent problems with fungus or powdery mildew while wintering your begonias, dust the tubers with sulphur powder before you put them away. Store the begonia tubers individually in paper bags or place them in a single layer on newspaper in a cardboard box in a cool, dark, dry location. Make sure you do not store them in plastic. They need to breathe and stay completely dry.”