Ukon Acer Palmatum ‘Shania’ Japense Maples Height & Sun Req’t


My gardner has purchased 2 of these maples for my front facing house (south exposurea) Google search websites
1) This Maple is max 4-6 ft however my gardner is telling me that it will grow taller as it will have space to.
2) Full sun or partial shade.
– My front has sun from 8am-3pm. Is that too much sun?
Please help with your expertise


Thank you very much for sending in your question.  Regarding the potential height of your new trees, although the species Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) typically grows 10′ to 25′ tall, this cultivar is a dwarf mutation which will likely reach around 4′ to 5′ in eight years, although it may grow slightly more with time.

Japanese maples will tolerate full sun although they prefer some afternoon shade in hot summers. Also consider the exposure of the site, as strong wind will also cause the foliage to dry out.  It is good that yours will have some shade from 3pm, and you can also avoid scorching of new foliage growth by mulching well to keep the roots cool and keeping the soil consistently moist.  With the right care, they should do well in this location.  However, they are an understory species and if you are considering an alternate location, one with dappled sun or more afternoon shade on the North side of your house could also be considered and might be lower maintenance.

These are beautiful trees with wonderful fall colour.  We hope that you enjoy them.

June 1, 2022