Vegetable Garden


We live in central Etobicoke and have a backyard organic vegetable garden of about 350 sq ft. The garden does not do well – many of our vegetables just start growing and then they seem to be stunted with very little growth and some just grow the leaves. We think there may be some insects in the soil that are affecting the plants.

Are you able to sort out what the problem is and provide an estimate to correct the problem? Thanks.


We are so sorry to hear that your organic vegetable garden is not thriving. Below are two links, the first a Landscape Ontario link which talks about issues that arise with vegetable gardens. The second is a  more specific link dealing with organic gardening. Both provide information in regard to requirements for growing conditions and pests that may be affecting the quality and longevity of your vegetables.

It is interesting to note that both articles suggest that you reach out to your local gardening centre. They may be able to help in determining what may be affecting your garden and what the remedies might be.

We sincerely hope that this coming growing season meets with success.