Vegetable gardening for a super newbie


Hello, in a couple of weeks, we are moving into a house for the very first time. The location is North York (Yonge & Finch area). There is a vegetable garden plot in the backyard (lots of sun exposure, no tall trees or buildings nearby) which appears to have been abandoned many years ago. We would love to plant a vegetable garden but have absolutely no idea where to start. Should we do something with the soil first? add fresh soil? What types of vegetables are okay to plant in mid June? I’m sorry that this is such a vague question but any help just to get started would be much appreciated. Thank you.


Growing a vegetable garden is so much fun and so rewarding. Remember to site your garden in the area that has the most sun, at least six hours. Plan to plant veggies that you like to eat. Plant seeds and follow directions on the seed packet, as some seeds need special preparation before they are put in the soil. There are so many things you can grow in June and you might want to consider young plants from your local garden centre that are disease resistant.  The Toronto Master Gardeners have a great organic guide to help you out. Have a look to get tips on everything that is important from the start to the rewarding finish.