Vegetable Growing Workshops for Beginners


I am a homeowner in the Beaches area. I want to set up a vegetable garden in my front yard so I am looking for workshops.  Is the Top Tips for Vegetables too advanced for a beginner like me?



Congratulations on wanting to grow edibles in your front yard.

I say get as much education as you can on the topic, whether it is from friends and family, the library, the internet or courses offered by Toronto Master Gardeners.  We welcome beginners.  Be sure to introduce yourself to the speaker so s/he can be sure all your questions are answered.

In the meantime, here are two excellent books to read about vegetable growing in our area:

Doug Green’s Canadian Vegetable Growing

Mark Cullen’s The Canadian Garden Primer: An Organic Approach

Also have a look at their websites and check out Ken Brown’s veggie adventures at