Vines for a north-east facing balcony


What kind of vine could grow in a container on the 14th floor of a north-east facing balcony in downtown Toronto? There is a concrete wall but we thought we could set up a wide trellis to add some structure and for the vine to climb.
Would Boston Ivy or Virginia creeper work? The balcony would look great with a green wall that turn colour in the fall!


Ivy, morning glories and sweet peas are just a few options for a potted vine. Annual vines require replanting each year and are best suited to outdoor containers where they receive bright sunlight. Perennial vines, such as ivy, grow well both indoors or out. Sun and water requirements vary between the different varieties, but most vines thrive in a container if provided with moisture and good soil. Another vine that you may want to consider is the Mandaville vine.  The general rule of thumb for container-plant survival through the winter is that the plant should be hardy to two zones colder than your USDA Hardiness Zone. Pinch the tip off the tip of the vine once it reaches the top of the support. Pinching inhibits upward growth and encourages lateral branching. Vines may require frequent pinching during the growing season, depending on the variety.

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