Vines with No Blooms


Hi there,
I’m growing morning glories and sweet peas from seed this year. I’ve got good looking vines but not flowers as of yet. I planted the seeds in late my or maybe even the first week of June due to our cooler than usual spring. My soil is, well, East York red/ sandy clay with some soil conditioner added. Just wondering when, if ever, I can expect a bloom? Or should I be doing something to help them along? I’m anxiously awaiting their arrival



No blooms? This may be a case of too much kindness. You mention ‘some soil conditioner’ but don’t give details on what kind & application rate. I would back off any more soil amendments. Too much nitrogen will result in lush foliage but poor flowering and fruiting. Also make sure the vines are drying out a bit between watering. Be patient and here’s hoping with warm temperatures and less rain & watering the vines¬† will surprise you in a couple weeks.