Violets in grass


I sent in a message last week asking your help to rid violets that have overtaken my lawn. Your website features the same issue from someone in Wasaga Beach (I’m in Toronto) but the website says the links to answers are no longer available. Please provide me with some ways of killing these violets without killing my lawn if that’s possible. Thank you for your desperately needed help.


May 14 2021

Wild violets are considered to be a broad-leaf weed, and spread vigorously without human intervention.

Integrated Pest Management as recommended by Missouri Botanical Garden, accessible from the brief link below, has a 5-step program. Unfortunately, in Ontario, we are not allowed to use the chemical stages outlined in steps 3 and 4. (Roundup will be forbidden by OMAFRA this year) The second part of each of these two steps will be an important guide to resolving the problem. As with dandelions, the best – and difficult – part is pulling or digging by hand. It may take more than one season.

You may wish to contact for reputable professional help with an acceptable product.

violets in lawn