Watering Perennial Shrubs in Fall


Hello my rain barrels are still active and will be disconnected by 30 Oct 2019….is it wise to continue watering perennial shrubs like weigela, rose of sharon and swamp mallow until the first hard frost…thanks for your response


When plants and tree roots are covered under snow and ice for prolonged periods of time, they can get thirsty.

Hydrating plants before winter starts can help them cope with the long dry spell that our cold weather brings.

That said, too much moisture around the roots when the ground is cold can be harmful.

A general guideline is to keep watering as needed until the ground begins to freeze – usually in mid October or November. Plan to keep watering until the temperatures dip below freezing for a few days in a row. Always irrigate in the morning so the water has time to soak into the ground before temperatures start to drop again in the evening.

I’ve included a link here on watering trees and shrubs.

Good luck!