Weed Identification Chart?


Hello, I looked at the Gardening Guides but can’t find a “Weed Identification Chart”. Can you create a section for this along with how to best get rid of each particular weed? Also, can you identify what weed this is? I’ve been pulling it all summer and more seems to grow back than what I pull ! And how do I get rid of it. Thanks


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.  Thank you for your suggestion regarding a Weed Identification Chart.  In the meantime I will refer you to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture weed chart.  It has pictures and descriptions to help identify common Ontario weeds.


The picture you sent is not quite sharp.  It appears that this could be a type of crab grass. Please feel free to send additional photos and we will be happy to try to confirm the identification. This website may also help you to better determine what you’re dealing with if it is crab grass.