Weeds in Lawn


I would like to use the “ black plastic method” to kill the tons of weeds that have grown in my backyard, so that I can plant new grass from seeds.
I have never used this method and was wondering:
– can I do it now- end of August?
– how long do I have to keep it covered for?
– do I use any type of black plastic (i.e. black garbage bags)
– once the plastic is removed, how long do I have to wait to plant the seeds?


Your question is a fairly common one posed to the Toronto Master Gardeners so I have looked back in our archives to previously answered questions and attached a link, see below, which should answer your questions.

The only other suggestions I have to add are:

  1.  Time your plastic application to whichever type of plastic you choose – black or clear (explained in the answered link).
  2.  Once you remove the plastic, consider using sod to create your new lawn instead of re-seeding as it takes grass seeds time to germinate but during that waiting period, weed seeds also have the chance to germinate.

Re: Weed Infested Lawn – Toronto Master Gardeners

Hope this is helpful.