What is this bush called?


We have a large rounded shaped bush on our property. It has a variegated leaf but is mostly a light white/grey. It has a soft look to it.
It’s appears to be overgrown and I believe it was incorrectly pruned previously. What is the correct way to bring it under control as its getting to large for its current location?
Thank you


It looks like Salix integra ‘Hakuro Nishiki,’ the variegated Japanese willow also called dappleD willow, which can, indeed, become quite a large shrub. However, it can be cut back to keep it small. Below is a link to an extension service how-to that may help you. We also have a Gardening Guide on this web site, which discusses the selection and management of Ornamental Shrubs for Various Light Conditions. 

https://www.extension.org/pages/35301/i-have-a-dwarf-variegated-willow-tree-and-need-to-trim-it-when-is-the-best-time-to-prune-without-dam#.U63rAKjD7nU ]