What kind of plant is this (3)- Plant ID


I have been watering plants for a senior neighbour, but neither of us knows what the plants are. Would you be able to identify them, and advise if they are toxic to animals? I have attached photos.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your plant ID.

It is always very difficult to identify a plant from a photograph without a clear close up photo that shows the overall morphology of the plant (stem, leaves, buds, flower and/or fruit). Also what are the plants growing conditions ( sun/shade, dry/moist).

This plant was quite difficult to ID since the photo showing what appears to be floral buds was quite blurry. From the leaves this plant does not appear to be any type of tropical plant. It appears to be more herbaceous. Was this pot ever set outdoors? I am wondering if this plant is a type of volunteer that just germinated in the pot.

Using a plant ID app it suggested that this plant could be Chenopodium ficifolium, Fig-leaf goosefoot