What kind of plant is this?- Plant ID


I have been watering plants for a senior neighbour, but neither of us knows what the plants are. Would you be able to identify them, and advise if they are toxic to animals? I have attached photos.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners for your plant ID.

It is always very difficult to identify a plant from a photograph without a clear close up photo that shows the overall morphology of the plant (stem, leaves, buds, flower and/or fruit. Also what are the plants growing conditions ( sun/shade, dry/moist).

I sent out the photo to our master gardener group and the following possibilities came back:

  1. your plant could be a type of Bromeliad, without a photo of the flower it is difficult to determine which one. You might consider contacting the bromeliad Society here to see of they can give a positive ID
  2. Callisia fragrans, Basket Plant/ False Bromeliad is a tropical plant originally from Mexico and parts of South America