What kind of soil is needed to grow tomatoes in pots?


What soil should I use for growing tomato plants in a container? Should I put in Myke?


For growing tomatoes in pots you need a soil that is rich in organic matter and drains well.

Look for a prepared soil mix that has organic matter (probably sphagnum peat moss and other composted matter) and perlite to aid in drainage. Some will have fertilizer in them already, and some of these may have slow release fertilizer. Read the labels. If the mix does not have fertilizer in it, you can add inorganic or organic (such as compost tea or liquid seaweed) fertilizer. You need to compensate for the restricted root area in a pot by applying liquid fertilizer lightly and regularly. Also increase water and nutrients as the plant grows.

A soil mix with good drainage is critical. Water the soil not the plant. Keep the watering consistent. Not too wet or too dry.  Tomatoes in a pot will tend to dry out more quickly than in the ground. Depending on conditions, they may require daily watering.

Sunlight (6-8 hours daily) is critical for growing tomatoes successfully.

When planting in pot with a prepared soil mix and fertilizers there is no need for any additional soil additives.