What plant is this grows in Toronto- PLANT ID- STATS ONLY


Grows in Toronto. What is it?


This appears to be a remnant of Pieris japonica, which is an attractive plant that you might want to dig up and replant where you can enjoy it!

These plants can be a bit picky about their environment and the soil condition they grow in.  This species requires a sheltered siting from the winter winds, and is sensitive to winter burn, especially if it is a newer planting and roots are not well established.

The soil should be slightly acidic PH, organically rich, moist, but well drained (it will not tolerate damp feet).  Sun exposure ranges from part shade to full sun. For winter protection, it is very important to provide a wind  barrier, and ensure that the shrub is hydrated before winter onset.

But if your transplant is successful, you will enjoy a lovely shrub. For details on it, refer to this link.