Overwintering a rose in a container


Hi, I live in Pickering in an apartment with a balcony. My Rose bush has done marvelous (I bought it in the first week of June with three blooms on it) I cut off the dead heads and the plant has bloomed again for the third time and is ready to bloom again (four new buds) My question is, what do I do with this rose bush over the winter months, will it live outside in this pot, should I continue watering it, and is there anything special I should do (like covering it) to make sure it comes back next year? Also, it has a very thick base stem so should I prune it right back down again? Thank you so much. Susan


Hi, Susan,

You don’t mention whether you repotted your rose or if it’s still in its original container. The larger the pot, the more likely the container-grown plant will overwinter. However, that is only one factor.

We replied to another gardener with a similar question before, and you might find our response useful:


As the link says, save any pruning for the spring when the buds begin to show signs of life.