What to do with this yucca?


Placed at the corner of dining room but closer to the patio door facing South/East, this yucca is loosing its great shape.
Bought 3 or 4 years ago. I gave watered once or twice a season.
Is there any solution?


Thank you for your question.

It sounds like the plant has done well until recently. You could try to amend or add to the existing soil.   Adding some sand to a loose well-drained potting mix to promote good drainage would be recommended.   A sunny location is preferred.

Yuccas can be sensitive to overwatering but it sounds like you are careful not to do this. The soil should be completely dry between watering and may need less during the winter months.

Fertilize using a 19-6-12 slow release fertilizer according to label directions every three months. If desired, you can take this plant outdoors during the late spring and early summer.

Mature Yuccas can grow into small branching trees.  The trunks become bare while the tops have spiral arching leaves. This could be what you are seeing with your plant.

Any dead leaves can removed by gently pulled downwards or cutting them off close to the trunk.

further information may be found in the following link:

Gardening Know How: Yucca Houseplant Care: Tips For Growing Yucca In Containers