What tomatoes do well in Toronto?


I have an allotment garden in Scarborough and have started tomatoes from seed. I have planted a variety however I was wondering which heirloom tomatoes generally do well in Toronto.


You will find that tomatoes grow very well in the Toronto area if given the proper amount of light, water and soil conditions. In Toronto we generally have between 150-170 frost free days. While there are hundreds of varieties of tomatoes available, most mature anywhere from 60-85 days with heirlooms often being later. The seed packet you purchased should have this information so that you can be certain of having enough time to get mature tomatoes. Tomatoes will have different sizes, shapes, colours, flavours and textures and it is really a matter of what you prefer. You should also note that although heirlooms have been around for a very long time that does not necessarily make them better than hybridized tomatoes which have been developed to resist various diseases. Choose the varieties with the flavour you enjoy and experiment every year with a few new ones to expand your repertoire.