When and where to plant freesia bulbs


I planted my freesia bulbs in May last year, hoping that they would bloom within summer, but they didn’t. Some of them bloomed in the winter indoors, specifically in December!!
My question is: Is it possible to plant them in late fall and let them bloom indoors?


Freesias are usually planted outdoors in the spring after any threat of frost has past, in order to have summer blooming.

If you are going to grow them inside, you can plant them in the late summer or early fall, for winter or early spring blooming.

The corms should be planted 1 inch deep in potting soil and watered only minimally until you see growth.  Keep plants in a cool, fairly sunny location until the flower buds form.  They should be fertilized every two weeks once the flower buds start to form.  Note: the original corms will not flower again when grown indoors, but you can be dig them up and plant the offsets.  After flowering, let the foliage die back, cut off the stems and store the corm offsets in a dry place until the next planting.

Good luck!