When is the best time to get rid of wasps on rooftop?


We’ve had wasps on our rooftop for several years in a row. We’ve had exterminators in to get rid of them, but they still come back every year. We’d prefer to use a natural method if possible. When is the best time to try to get rid of them?



Wasps are pollinators and though they are not as central as bees, they still have an important place in our ecosystem. So you’re right to want to find a method of removal that is least harmful to them and to the environment. The David Suzuki Foundation recommends Joe Wasp, a wasp nest removal service in Vancouver that tries to relocate rather than kill the wasps. Unfortunately we know of no similar services here in Toronto. And it is true, according to Joe Wasp, that while it is relatively easy to relocate bees, it’s less easy to relocate wasps (see https://www.davidsuzuki.org/what-you-can-do/queen-of-green/faqs/food/how-to-deter-wasps/?gclid=CI-Sr_7q-MQCFRAwaQodb3sA8Q; https://www.joewasp.com/).

So if you need to get rid of a wasp’s nest on or under your roof, insecticidal sprays sold at nurseries are a  common method of killing wasps before removing their nests. And early spring — right now — is the best time.  Wait until evening when the wasps are less active and be sure to take precautions to avoid aggravating the wasps.  You should put your own safety first.  If you have any concerns hire a professional.

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