When to plant my Tomato plants?



I planted a few tomato seeds inside a week ago and they are now growing happily.  My question is in regards to when is the best time to plant them outside.  We live on the 23rd floor of a building on Lakeshore in downtown Toronto and as such these will be balcony tomatoes in containers.  Is Victoria Day weekend safe to avoid potential frost, or should I wait until June?  Thanks so much in advance for your guidance.



Here in Toronto, we don’t usually experience frost after the end of April, so Victoria Day weekend will probably be fine.  As long as your seedlings are not getting too tall and spindly, don’t rush to plant them out.  Tomatoes really love very warm weather, and the weather up on the 23rd floor is more harsh than on the ground.  The lake also has a cooling effect.

If your seedlings do become very tall, just plant them deeply … right up to the first set of leaves!  Roots will grow all along the buried stem and make the plant even stronger.

Glad you are growing a balcony garden!