Where can I buy a Meyer Lemon Tree?


I am trying to track down a Meyer Lemon Tree in Toronto and having trouble doing so. I’ve reached out to Sheridan Nurseries and they can get one but they don’t know when or how much. I am trying to get this for a birthday present so I’d like to know where I can get one sooner than later and how much they approximately cost. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


You are fortunate to find a nursery that can obtain a Meyer Lemon tree for you.  I scoured the Internet and found a few references to Flora Exotica in Montreal and to Monrovia, a US-based wholesaler that sells throughout North America; they may be able to ship plants to your preferred nursery. You would have to discuss cost with the supplier.

When you find your specimen, you might want to review our very helpful “Growing Meyer Lemon tree indoors