Where can I buy Begonia bulbs in Toronto?


I am looking for begonia bulbs, but I can’t find any in my local garden centres. Where can I buy them?


Begonias come from a large family of beautiful tropical and sub tropical plants. There are several different groups of begonia including Rhizomatous, Rex, Tuberous and Stemmed varieties (which used to be called Fibrous Begonias). In late spring and early summer, many of these plants are available in garden centres. They are dormant in winter, in Toronto, so are more difficult to find. In colder climates it is possible to start seeds, or plant the bulb (most commonly a tuber), during winter and harden it off outside in the late spring when the days are consistently warmer. These plants will need to come back inside or be stored as root stock (rhizomes or tubers) overwinter.

We are unable to endorse specific companies which sell begonias, but I google searched ‘buying begonias in Toronto’ and a list of online and garden centre retailers came up. There are several Canadian companies selling begonias online, during the winter months. You might also like to read about the different types of begonias here: https://www.begonias.org/about/about.htm And there is some useful growing tips on this site: Growing Begonias Indoors

The Canadian Begonia Society is based in Ontario and may also be a useful source of information. They don’t have a website, but can be contacted by phone: Mr. B Watt, in Port Hope, Phone 905-885-0375