Where can I buy Caladium seeds?


I just like to get some Caladium seeds.


Caladium is a tuberous genus in the Araceae family known for their big beautiful leaves of red, pink, green and white. This variation in leaf colors and patterns allows for many uses of Caladiums in your garden. They thrive in partial shaded conditions, but can take more light if the soil is moist enough. Their tubers rot quite readily in cold moist soils, so the tubers should be dug up and stored indoors in a dry, well-ventilated location in colder climates.

It is not the mandate of the Toronto Master Gardeners to recommend specific retailers. I suggest googling ” Caladium seeds Ontario ” (or substitute “Canada’ for Ontario) to see if you can find sources. I will mention that Caladiums are usually purchased as tubers. You might try contacting  The International Tropical & Foliage Society Inc. for additional information.

Good Luck with your search!