Where can I buy Primula seeds?


Please provide me with a source of primula seeds? Drumstick, cowslip, Japonica etc.


We are not permitted to recommend specific seed sources. I’d suggest that you ask your local nursery for seed or plant sources.

Primula is a genus (family) of flowering plants – there are many species in the family – e.g., see the The Plant List. The drumstick primrose  ( Primula denticulata) should be available as seeds – according to the Ontario Rock Garden & Hardy Plant Society.  As there are a few varieties of cowslip (e.g., Primula veris, Primula florindae, etc.), you might want to narrow down which one you are seeking before calling a nursery. The Japanese primula (Primula japonica) is lovely – again, there are a few varieties, e.g., P. japonica ‘Miller’s Crimson’, P.  ‘Glowing Embers’. Here’s a link to a germination guide from the Ontario Rock Garden & Hardy Plant Society – you may want to contact this group, as they have lots of helpful information online and may be able to provide you with seed sources.  Here is a link to an excellent article in GardenMaking, Starting perennials from seeds, which includes information on growing primulas (as well as a few sources of seeds).

Finally, sometimes simply “googling” online may do the trick. For example, I’d suggest searching using the words: “Drumstick primula seeds Ontario” (or substitute “Canada” for “Ontario”) to see if you can find sources. Contact the companies that look the most promising. Even if they sell to commercial suppliers only, they may be able to tell you the names of seed/plant sellers in your area.