Where to buy a good crabapple tree


I want to plant a tree in memory of my grandma, I’ve been thinking about a crabapple tree, I want one that has pink flower long season of interests and the fruits can be persistent for the birds. It’s going to be a specimen tree on a small lot. I want one that grows wide and not too tall. Disease resistant. I don’t know if Adams or Robinson are going choice. I’ve been looking at many nurseries, I see some thunder child and royal raindrops, they are tiny baby tress and upright . Does anyone know where can I find the crabapple I am looking for?


Thanks for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.

What a wonderful idea to commemorate your grandmother! The issue seems to be choosing an appropriate crab apple and then sourcing it–availability may be a concern. You’ve already become aware of some of the choices that may fit your criteria.

Both Malus ‘Adams’ and Malus ‘Robinson’ have pink flowers, good disease-resistance, ample fruit to attract wildlife and would be the appropriate size and structure. Malus ‘Indian Magic’ would also be a good choice; even though it is described as ‘upright’, its canopy is broad-rounded; it is considered to be a ‘small’ tree which has good disease resistance.

So there are several good options from which to choose.  You’ve already done some research.  We don’t make specific vendor recommendations, however feel free to check out https://landscapeontario.com/   and search for “Retail Garden Centres”  in your area. They would also be able to advise you more specifically about each cultivar and help you to make the best choice for your garden.

We trust that once you plant the crab apple tree, it will thrive and provide many memories of your grandmother.