Where to buy dwarf jade


I am in Toronto and looking for a source to get dwarf jade plants. I would ideally like to find a small, young plant or even if I could, get cuttings from an existing plant. I have had absolutely no luck in finding anything locally. Can you help?




While I don’t know off hand where you can find a dwarf jade plant there are a number of places that I suggest you check.  These include Plant World, Sheridan Nurseries and Humber which all have a broad selection of houseplants in addition to their outdoor plants, as well as stores that specialize in indoor plants, and florists.  Some Toronto florists indicate on their website that they have a section of indoor houseplants, as well as cut flowers.  While the nurseries have plant lists on line, these seem to be restricted to outdoor plants.  I suggest contacting the the nurseries/specialty shops/florists to see if they have jade plants in stock.

Good luck