where to find American Wisteria in Toronto


I’d like to buy American Wisteria that is suitable for growing in Toronto. I have two concerns:
1) If I order one online, it might be sourced from the southern US, and then not be hardy for Toronto winters.
2) I’d like one that is native to northeast USA, rather than a cultivated variety.
Any suggestions where to buy in Toronto (in the core since i don’t have a car)? I’m OK with ordering one online.
Another question… are there any prominent ones growing in Toronto, preferably downtown? I’d really like to see what they look like with my own eyes.


Thank you for your inquiry. Although the Toronto Master Gardeners cannot recommend specific nurseries or garden centres, we suggest that you visit Landscape Ontario’s website, which contains a list of local garden centres:  https://landscapeontario.com/garden-centres/chapter/toronto

You may wish to read this article on the differences between American and Asian Wisteria . Also, here is  our gardeing guide on How to Get Wisteria to Bloom

Currently, I am unaware of any American Wisteria growing in the Toronto area however, The Ontario Invasive plant Council recommends American Wisteria as an alternative to Bittersweet in their Grow Me Instead Guide . You may wish to contact them at www.nanps.org for a list of  nurseies specializing in native plants.