Where to Source a Bay Laurel Tree


Good morning ,
I work in a beautiful floral shop in Lindsay Ontario. We have a customer searching for a Bay Laurel tree . It will be in a green
house enviroment all year Hoping you have an Ontario source idea for me.
Thanks for any ideas . Helene


Hi Helene – Bay Laurel tree is one of the many common names for Laurus nobilis which is also called bay, bay tree, bay laurel, sweet bay and others.  It is a slow growing evergreen perennial, native to the Mediterranean region.  In Ontario, it must be overwintered indoors and is considered an excellent houseplant.  In it’s native environment it can grow up to 7.5 metres.  Bay Laurel plants are readily available from nurseries specializing in herbs.  You may be familiar with Richters, a large herb nursery in Goodwood, ON.  They offer both seeds and bay laurel plants. They also are offering a line of plants called Colosso which are extra big plants in gallon sized pots.  You may also be able to find larger sized plants in nurseries and garden centres specializing in houseplants.  The Landscape Ontario website (link below) has a search function that allows you to identify retail nurseries/garden centres in your area. I’m also including a link to our gardening guide on growing bay.  Many of the resources included in the guide have good pictures of the plant you are after.  Good luck with your search.

Landscape Ontario

Toronto Master Gardeners: How to Grow Bay