Which edibles to plant in fall?


Hello. I am in the northern end of Toronto, zone 5b. I am wondering if there is anything I can plant in the fall to overwinter and harvest in spring/summer. Thank you!


Thank you for your great question.  Starting now and into the fall, you can continue to sow crops of carrots, beets, radishes, green onions, peas and leafy greens.  (This list is found in the Ask a Master Gardener pages of our website.  https://www.torontomastergardeners.ca/index.php/august-fall-vegetable-crops/)   For more veggies, I suggest looking directly on the seed package to determine the ideal growing months, temperature and the number of days required from seeding to germination to crop.

However, your real question is about harvesting in the spring.  A popular, easy and nutritious veggie to try is garlic, which is traditionally sown in the fall.  It’s my number one recommendation.  You can even eat the garlic scapes in spring.

If you are extremely adventurous, I encourage you to explore extending the growing season through the winter with cold frames and hoops.  You can find a lot of information on Niki Jabbour’s website, https://yearroundveggiegardener.blogspot.ca.  She gardens year round in Halifax.  Closer to home, the Riverdale Meadow Community Garden is a model for this type of gardening, so it’s worth a visit online (https://riverdalemeadow.ca/wiki/wiki.php ) and on the ground.  The lead person there is Kyla Dixon-Muir.

Good luck and healthy eating.