White fly infestation


I got an infestation of white fly which seems to be killing off all my house plants. I have tried sprays etc., but have decided to let my plants die off. How long should I wait before reintroducing new plants. This has been going on for a couple of years. The flies managed to kill off all of my phalaenopsis as well.


White flies, as you have indicated, are extremely hard to eradicate.   When you get rid of your plants bag them and put them in the garbage.  In this way you should be able to avoid them flying into your or your neighbour’s garden and causing damage there. If you intend keeping the containers or pots and the water trays, it is extremely important that you clean them all thoroughly. It is advisable to wipe all of  them down with a solution of Jeyes fluid and 1% bleach. This will destroy any eggs or larvae that may remain on the items. It would be advantageous to wipe off the entire area and to wait a couple of weeks before introducing new plants into the same room. White flies cannot exist without plants and this additional waiting period is to ensure any eggs or larvae or flies that remained behind are no longer living.   When you introduce new plants, you have to be very vigilant to catch other outbreaks early. If you’ve only a few plants it is simpler to check over them regularly and squash adults and scales (you can just about see them) as soon as they appear.