White pines are dying


I have 2 small white columnar pines.  One died over the winter and the second pine does not appear to be doing very well.  While the needles are still green, the tips are tinged with brown.  The top is singed and dried out.  What is the matter with my tree and what do I need to do to save it? There is also ‘white stuff’ that appears to be a fungus on my white pine. What might it be?




Thank you for your inquiry.  You are not the first person to experience this problem with their evergreens.  There is an excellent response on our website and I’d like to direct you to it. Click here.

White pines are susceptible to white pine blister rust and an article on the Ministry of Natural Resources website has a good diagram and information on this disease. Here is the link: https://www.ontario.ca/page/white-pine-blister-rust