why do mushrooms grow in my yard


My shady backyard has a number of mushrooms growing in it, I would like to have them removed. How does one minimize them?

Do squirrels like impatiens? My new pots are being dug up.




Mushrooms grow in shady areas with increased moisture. So decreasing watering other than what nature does, will help. Use gloves and a trowel to dig up the mushrooms and throw them away. Do not leave them lying around as the caps contain the spores. Never eat mushrooms that are not properly identified.

Mushrooms are a sign of organic decay in a lawn. Aerating a lawn with the purpose of dethatching it followed by a few weeks of deep watering may reduce the number of mushrooms.

To decrease  the amount of shade in a garden, prune appropriate tree limbs. Adding lime to the soil discourages the growth of mushrooms.


Squirrels do not especially like impatiens but rather are drawn to freshly dug soil. Some remedies include spreading cayene pepper, chopped garlic, human hair, moth balls but not where children are playing. Putting a variety of irregular sticks inside the pots deters them also. The sticks are removed after the plants are established.